Wednesday, January 14, 2009


WOW -Another year, I made it through another year of Christmas at Wal-Mart :) Yeah!!! This is 11 years now. I remember when i started this temporary job to help with our Christmas with 4 children at home. WOW -It's a good job and I love what I'm doing hanging in the electronics dept. with all those wonderful movies and toys, its never boring( between the interesting customers and or the people i work with and for) I am truly grateful to have it.
WOW - Another year of good health -I can't even begin to describe the joy i feel being me again. Its like i want to make every minute count. I love being active and busy. I'm amazed just how fast this year went too -last year (2007) dragged ...seriously the days were sooooo long its already half way through Jan. and 2008 is gone. Grandma told me that would happen -each year goes faster and faster. (I have a very good theory on that subject -maybe in a future blog)
WOW -I get to spend more time with the greatest kids and grandkids in the whole world. Just last night we had a spontaneous pizza making party. It was great fun !!! We had a 5 course meal of a variety of homemade pizza. The other day we went to the zoo, it was a quick trip but it felt good--i hadn't been in quite a few years. I'm so grateful that we all live relatively close and can enjoy these times together.
WOW - I am going to celebrate being married to the same great guy for 29 years. WOW!!!!! That is longer than i ever dated anyone:) We are going to go on a date to Kartchner Caverns.
I've been thinking about life and how its changed--i've been married longer than i've been single now --I've lived in this same house longer than anywhere--I've been a mom for over half my life now and now I'm a grandma of 3. Does it get any better--WOW!!
WOW - I have the greatest friends in the world and i get to associate with them (if they still feel the same) I do get kinda busy and forgetful especially through the last month of the year. We have some wonderful friends that every year usually right around Christmas eve host a pot luck dinner at their house. This year we were just amazed at the number of loved ones that were in attendance and now it is 3 generations deep. Just WOW!!!!