Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Picture Fiasco

This year we wanted to update our family picture.....we set a date and it got postponed we set another date and wouldn't you know it was the windiest day of the year (yes we have wind in AZ) but we tried it any way. Okay those pictures didn't turn out. We tried a second time and got some good pictures and then again a THIRD time and FINALLY got the family picture that would work. It only took 1200 digital snapshots, 6 hours of picture taking time and 3 weeks of dressing the same to get THIS wonderful memory shot. Well worth the memory.... now those are some awesome kids!!!!!!!

We finally have a blog!!

Our kids have been bugging us for months about getting in on all of this blogging action, so with much hesitiation and intrepidation we are finally here! I really dont know what to say for any of this and honesty that is why this has taken so long to get going. As this is our first post I guess there is not much more to say we are!!